Subscription Procedure.

 1) Download Application

- Download application from Google Play Store. Always use latest version of application. Older versions are not supported.

- Basic application is free

- CLICK HERE to download application.(You will be redirected to play store.). Choose your desired application from list.

- Subscribe Application on website

2) Subscription procedure (Can be done from Mobile or Computer).

- Click on samhita app name which you want to subscribe from Android App Main menu.

- Complete the form by filling all required fields.

- If you have already subscribe for any Android application on website, you can "Login" with your existing username and password (Username & password of any active subscription on website), to use same username & password for other applications too.

- Remember the information you are filling while completing subscription form.

- This information is required for activation of content.

- Click on Subscribe Now button.

- You will be redirected to "EBS Payment Gateway" page.

- Pay subscription amount using any of the payment option available.

- You can pay by -- Credit Card; Debit Card; Net Banking; or Cash card.

- After successful completion of payment you will receive success & welcome message on last screen.

- You will receive email of activation of your account - please add This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. email address in your contact list to avoid this message going into SPAM or JUNK mail folder.

- You will also receive Payment Invoice from EBS.IN. - KEEP THIS MAIL SECURELY as some of the information from this mail will be useful for resolving any issues in activation of your content.

- Alternately you can save your login credentials - "User Name; Password; Merchant Order ID(from invoice you receive from; Email id & phone number" securely.

3) Activating Content (You have to complete this procedure in Android phone.)

- This application is offline.

- Hence you have to download the data required for application once at the time of activation.

- You should have good internet connection & enabled internet balance while activation.

- On first page Click on the Samhita icon.

- Login page will appear.

- Fill "User name" & "Password" you entered in subscription form.

- Click on "Login".

- If your subscription is active, on successful login data download will resume automatically.


- Data size for application is more than 17 MB, so it will take some time to download & install in your mobile.

- Using 3G network it may take approximate 5 min.

- We recommend use of Strong internet connection while downloading content.

- Once data download is 100% complete.

- Your application is ready for use.

- Click app info button in application to read information about using Samhita Applications.


4) FAQ

- Click on Android App's FAQ menu from Android App main menu to get answers of some frequently arising questions.

- If Still you find difficulty write us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will try to reply at the earliest.


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