Certificate Course in Ayurvedic Cardiology September 2023

Batch - 4

Unique opportunity to enhance your clinical practice.

Increase your knowledge of Cardiology from vaidya practicing ayurvedic cardiology since 18 years. 
First comprehensive Online Clinical Cardiology Course in ayurved

Upgrade knowledge of BAMS graduate online

Key Features -

# Heart Disorders - Ayurvedic & Modern Perspective 
# Heart - Basic Anatomy Physiology with Ayurvediya Sharir And Kriya Vichar
# Hrudrog - Ayurvedic & Modern Diagnostic tools - Chnages in ECG, importance of some pathological tests like SGOT, Cardiac marker as Trop.T etc
# Emergency Conditions and Risk Management in Heart Diseases - Tips and tricks of treatment
# Treatment of associated diseases with Hrudrog like Diabetes, Kidney disorders, Thyroid
# Atherosclerosis - Causative factor of many coronary artery related disorders
# Ischemic Heart Disease - A challenging part - Can we reverse the disease in this conditon?
# Angina, Myocardial Infarction - Can we conquer the global biggest cause of death? Ayurvedic perspective in dealing patients of these diseases
# Hypertension - Ayurvedic aspect and treatment.
# Shock, Cardiac Arrhythmia
# Cardiac Failure
# Valvular Heart Disease
# Inflammatory Heart Disease 
And many other cardiac conditions which we are mostly afraid of. 
How to deal with these conditions according Ayurvedic Perspective and understanding the Risk involved.
Curative as well as preventive aspect to handle cardiac disorders !! 
# Rheumatic Fever - Diagnosis and Treatment according to ayurveda.
# Congenital heart diseases and thought process for dealing them according to ayurveda
# Hrudrog - Pathyapathya, Apunarbhav Chikitsa, Use of Rasayan.
# Discussion on drugs helpful in various Cardiac disorders
# Role of Unani medicines in cardiac conditions
# Use of Yoga, Pranayam, Dhyaan in cardiac diseases
# Hrudrog and Panchakarma
# Daivavyapashraya chikitsa of hrudroga


All lectures will be conducted using Live Video Conferencing Technique.

Language - Hindi

Dr. Sujit Thakur
- M.D. (Kayachikitsa) 
- Consulting ayurvedic cardiology in Ahmednagar since 18yrs 
- Specialized practice of Nadi pariksha, Cardiac disorders, cancer etc.

- Awarded by prestigious Vd Khadiwale Puraskar in 2020
- Award winning articles on Ayurvedic aspects of Heart Diseases in ayurvedic Journals like Srujan Chikitsa, Ayurved Patrika etc.
- Delivered many lectures on All India Radio on Hridrog, Panchakarma etc
- Awarded by Prestigious " Sandu Dhanwantari Puraskar" for Special work on Cardiac Diseases and Cardiac arrhythmias.

- A Marathi book written by Dr.Sujit Thakur and Dr.Kirti Thakur- हृद्रोगचिकित्सा दिशा आणि योजना (स्वानुभूत).

Duration - 6 Weeks

Schedule of lectures -

Wednesday and Friday -  9.00 PM to 10.00 PM

Eligibility - Vaidya, BAMS, MD(Ayurveda), Practitioner, BAMS Final yr student, Intern, PG Student.

Fee structure – 

1) For India Participants - Rs 8,000/- + Applicable transaction fees (i.e. 5% for online payment = 8400/-)

2) For Participants from outside of India - Rs 16,000/- + Paypal charges. (i.e. 5% for online payment = 16800/-)

Course starts on - 01st September 2023

Last date of admission - 25th August 2023

For more details and fee structure visit -

Contact - 
Vd Sujit Thakur - 9850894373
Vd Girija Bharatiya - 8149160684

Note - Recordings of All lectures will be available on Institute of E Ayurved Website

Subscription Charges: Rs.8,000.00
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