Certificate course in Chikitsa Naipunya December 2023

Certificate course in Chikitsa Naipunya - चिकित्सा नैपुण्य ( शास्त्र - व्यवहार)

Upgradation of chikitsa sidhant

Reorientation of ideal use of chikitsa kalpa


Batch - 7


Upgrade your Knowledge Online


Key Features -

- Comprehensive knowledge of Ayurvedic Siddhanta.
- Practical approach towards ayurvedic Siddhanta
- Clinical importance of annapan vidhi jalapan vidhi with case studies
- Role of vyama vidhi, nidra vidhi in patient management and diagnosis
- Importance of Agni in practical manner
- Importance of dosh nishciti in nidan and treatment
- Importance of hetu for diagnosis
- Role of hetu in management of disease
- Rugna parikshan (Patient examination techniques like Agni Parikshana, Udara parikshana, Mala parikshana etc..)
- Rog parikshana (Evaluation of Disease)
- How to deal with Anukta Vyadhi's like - Thyroid, P.C.O.D., Cardio vascular Disorders, Diabetes, cancer etc..
- Some important vyadhis will be discussed in the course
Amlapitta, Shwas, Kasa, Sandhivat, Vatvyadhi, Jwara, Pratishaya, Ajeerna, Shoth, Grahani, pandu etc.
- Use of various kalpas according to disease avastha(व्याधी अवस्था)
- Anukta vyaadhi (अनुक्त व्याधी) chikitsa Siddhanta explaination.


All lectures will be conducted using Live Video Conferencing Technique.


Language - Hindi


Lecturer -

Vd Mrs Renuka Gayal,

MD, Ph.D (Kayachikitsa)

Diploma in Diatetics; Diploma in Yoga & Ayurveda

Ex Professor Kayachikitsa

20 Yrs Teaching Experience

Hon. Consultant in Integrated Cancer Research Project

Pnchakarma Consultant at Cancer Research Project

Awards -

Prestigious Vd Nanal Charak Puraskar - 2019

Dhanwantari Puraskar - Rotary Club Pune & Janaseva Mitra Mandal - 2020

Books -

- Tamakashvas - Ek Adhyayan (Marathi and Hindi)

- Pathyakar Aahar - Shakahar

Research Articles - More than 10 research Articles published

Guest Speaker-

- In Charak Chintan Program of Vd Anant Dharmadhikari

- In Madhavacharya Gurukul, Kolhatkar Pratishthan Pune


Duration - 3 Mths 


Schedule of lectures -

Monday and Friday 9.30 PM to 10.30 PM


Fee structure – 

Course fees -

1) For India Participants - Rs 5,000/- + Applicable transaction fees (i.e. 5% for online payment = 5250/-)

2) For Participants from outside of India - Rs 10,000/- + Paypal charges. (i.e. 5% for online payment = 10500/-)


Dates to remember -

Last Date of Admission -   25 December 2023

Actual Start of Lectures -  02 January 2024


Recordings of live lecture will be available to student for 6mths from the start of live sessions on Institutes website

Subscription Charges: Rs.5,000.00
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