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Certificate Course in Clinical Orthopedics & Ayurveda

Certificate course in "Clinical Orthopaedics & Ayurved"




Increase your knowledge of orthopedic disorders (Joint disorders, spine disorders etc) from an ayurvedic practitioner with special interest and experienced in Bones, Joints and Spine Disorders since 14 years.

Key Features -

- पुरुषों की तुलना में स्त्रियों मे जानु संधी की विकृतीयाॅं क्यू होती है?

- Heel Pain मे पार्ष्णिशूल, वातकंटक के अलावा और अलग अलग कौनसे सात निदान / हेतू है?

- जानू संधी शोथमें बंध कैसे बांधे?

- अवबाहुक में नस्य, अग्निकर्म, व्यायाम या रक्तमोक्षण श्रेष्ठ है?

- Tennis Elbow, Carpal tunnel syndrome जैसे व्याधी आयुर्वेद में पाये जाते है? उनकी सफलतापूर्वक चिकित्सा की जा सकती है?

- How to diagnose an extra articular pathology of shoulder joint clinically?

- Anterior excruciating knee pain while climbing up the stairs - what is the diagnosis?

- Can ligament tear of knee joint be repaired by Ayurvedic treatment?

- Which to choose - Vaman / Nasya/ Viddha/ Agnikarma/ Raktamokshan in Avabahuk ?

- Can we treat rather diagnose and treat Osgood Schlatter's disease, A common knee disease in children?


यह और इन के जैसे अनेक प्रश्नों के शास्त्रोक्त एवम् अनुभवसिद्ध उत्तर आप जरूर पा सकते हो ।


Speaker :

Vd. Mangesh Deshpande, Dombiwali, Mumbai

M.D. (Ayurved) having an exclusive experience of treating Bone, Joint, Spine disorders for more than 14 years.

Experience of running an Ayurvedic hospital, Orthoved, Dombivli. 

Affiliated to MUHS, Nashik for fellowship courses especially in the field of *Rheumatology


Practical Workshop (Optional) -

Hands on training of BANDH, CLINICAL EXAMINATION, AGNIKARMA, VIDDHA & many more.



Duration of course - 3 mths along with one day Practical Workshop

Lecture days - Wednesday and Friday

Lecture time and Duration - 10.00 PM to 11 PM - 1 hrs approx


Important dates -

Last date of registration - 31 Dec 2019

Actual Start of Lectures - 8 Jan 2020


Fee structure – 

1) For India Participants - Rs 12,500/- + Applicable transaction fees (i.e. 5% for online payment)

2) For Participants from outside of India - Rs 25,000/- + Paypal charges. (i.e. 5% for online payment)


Contact - 
Vd Mangesh Deshpande       - 9820958421
Vd Vilobh Bharatiya               - 9850391584

Recording of each live lecture will be available to student on Institutes website.

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