Certificate course in Garbhini Vidhnyan and Garbhasanskar April 2023

( An Approch through Ayurvedic concepts Towards Healthy progeny )

Proudly Announcing 3rd Batch, after completing batches with 100+ satisfied practitioners.

Unique opportunity to learn the clinical approach towards conditions involved in problems of conception, Prenatal stage and postnatal period.

Enhance your knowledge and gain confidence in Garbha Vidnyan from a renowned Ayurvedic practitioner working in the field of Ayurvedic infertility and Gynecology since 15 years.

First Online Comprehensive Course for Streerog* and Garbhini vigyan
(* Since stree roga is a vast topic, only conditions related to infertility, pre and post conception problems will be discussed in this course.)

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Key Features -

# Applied Anatomy and Physiology - Ayurvedic & Modern Perspective.
# Garbha Sanskar- Basic Concept and Clinical approch.

# Garbhini Sanskar- Basic Concept and Clinical approch.
# Garbhadhan - Importance of Garbhadhan purva panchakarma, understanding the nirmiti of Dhatusampat. Discussion on pre conception Aahar, Vihar etc
# Role of various Panchakarma treatments
# Masanumasik Garbhavruddhi - Is it necessary to follow granthokta paricharya?
# Medicine Treatment in Pregnency

# Panchakarma  chikitsa- To nurture the Mother to be
# Common Disorders associated with pregnancy -
How to tackle simple complications like chhardi, hrullas, katishul, shoth, piles, fissues etc

#Discussion on Gynaecogical disorders - and their  Treatment .for healthy pre and postnatal  phase
# Complications arising during pregnency - Can we manage them with Ayurveda? Ayurvedic perspective for treating Thyroid dysfunction, Diabetes, PIH, oligohydramnios, IUGR, etc
# Sudrudh Sagarbhavastha - Entirely unique concept
# Prasutipurva Paricharya - A regime to be followed before delivery for an easy and complication free delivery
# Sutika Vigyan - What should be ideal routine, common disorders, how to avoid and treat them
# Yoga Vigyan - Role of yoga, pranayam, dhyan, mudra and garbhasangeet
# Common Kalpa used during pregnency
# Importance of Garbhasanskar
# Bal Paricharya - A secret of Healthy baby.

#Infertility - A complete review of ayurvedic treatment
# Stree Rog - How to successfully treat gynecological disorders like Endometriosis, PCOS, Tubal blocks, Unovoulatory cycles,and many more.
(* Since stree roga is a vast topic, only conditions related to infertility, pre and post conception problems will be discussed in this course.)

All lectures will be conducted using Live Video Conferencing Technique.

Language - Hindi

Vd.Mrs. Amruta Anand Tembhurnikar
- M.D. (Ayurveda)
- Consulting Ayurvedic Practitioner in Nagpur since 17yrs
- Specialized practice of Stree Rog, Garbhasanskar, Infertility and Panchakarma
- Running yoga classes and Library for Garbhini sanskar
- Unique way of implementing Granthokta Siddhanta in clinical treatment.
- Delivered many lectures on Stree rog in various conferences.

Duration - 3 Mths

Schedule of lectures -

Monday and Thursday -  9.00 PM to 10.00 PM

Fee structure – 

1) For India Participants - Rs 10,000/- + Applicable transaction fees (i.e. 5% for online payment = 10500/-)

2) For Participants from outside of India - Rs 20,000/- + Paypal charges. (i.e. 5% for online payment = 21000/-)

Course starts on 15th April 2023

Last date of admission - 7th April 2023

For more details and fee structure visit -

Contact - 
Vd. Amruta Tembhurnikar - 9881722764
Vd Girija Vilobh Bharatiya - 8149160684

Note - Recordings of All lectures will be available on Institute of E Ayurved Website

Subscription Charges: Rs.10,000.00
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