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Chikitsa Kovid

Chikitsa Kovid - चिकित्सा कोविद


Upgrade your Knowledge Online


Batch - 3 rd


After successful completion of two Batches with 50 Participants, We are glad to announce Third batch of Chikitsa kovid.


Key Features -

- Comprehensive knowledge of Ayurvedic Siddhanta.

- Practical approach towards ayurvedic Siddhanta

- Clinical importance of annapan vidhi jalapan vidhi with case studies

- Role of vyama vidhi, nidra vidhi in patient management and diagnosis

- Importance of Agni in practical manner

- Importance of hetu for diagnosis

- Role of hetu in management of disease

- Rugna parikshan (Patient examination techniques like Agni Parikshana, Udara parikshana, Mala parikshana etc..)

- Rog parikshana  (Evaluation of Disease)

- How to deal with Anukta Vyadhi's like - Thyroid, P.C.O.D., Cardio vascular Disorders, Diabetes, cancer etc..

- Some important vyadhis will be discussed in the course

Amlapitta, Shwas, Kasa, Sandhivat, Vatvyadhi, Jwara, Pratishaya, Ajeerna, Shoth, Grahani, pandu etc.

Two Days Practical Demonstration (At Amravati, Maharashtra) will include following-
- Rugna Parikshana (On patient demonstration of rugna parikshana methods like Hetu samshodhana, Udara parikshana, Mala Parikshana, Agni Parikshana etc )
- Aushadi Karana (Demonstration of some important ayurvedic medicines required in day to day practice like Ghruta Nirmana, Taila Nirmana etc)
- Panchakarma Techniques (Live demonstration of some panchakarma techniques with some allied karma like Agnikarma, siravedh, jalaukavacharana, pracchaan karma, Patrapottali, Churna Pottali etc..)


All lectures will be conducted using Live Video Conferencing Technique.


Language - Hindi


Lecturer -

Vd Mrs Renuka Gayal,

MD, Ph.D (Kayachikitsa)

Diploma in Diatetics; Diploma in Yoga & Ayurveda

Professor Kayachikitsa

20 Yrs Teaching Experience

Hon. Consultant in Integrated Cancer Research Project

Pnchakarma Consultant at Cancer Research Project

Books - Tamakashvas - Ek Adhyayan (Marathi and Hindi)

Research Articles - More than 10 research Articles published

Guest Speaker-

- In Charak Chintan Program of Vd Anant Dharmadhikari

- In Madhavacharya Gurukul, Kolhatkar Pratishthan Pune


Duration - 3 Mths + 2 Days Practical Demonstration(At Amravati, Maharashtra)*

Schedule of lectures -

Wednesday and Saturday 9.30 PM to 10.30 PM


Fee structure – 

1) For India Participants - Rs 5,000/- + Applicable transaction fees (i.e. 5% for online payment = 5250/-)

2) For Participants from outside of India - Rs 10,000/- + Paypal charges. (i.e. 5% for online payment = 10500/-)


Dates to remember -

Last Date of Admission -   30 May 2019

Actual Start of Lectures -  5 June 2019


Recording of each live lecture will be available to student on Institutes website

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