ELecture is a new way of learning Ayurvedic Samhita's.

We are always in Search of GURU to get proper Knowledge.

Now we are scattered all over the globe , but  Mentors are away from us & it's difficult to be Shishya in person.

So to reduce this distance we have started  E - Lectures with the help of mentors using Audio conferencing Facility

FIRST TIME in the History of AYURVED.

We have started this event on 11 February 2010.

Core concept behind all this event is to propagate AYURVED using the new dimentiones of technology.

Right now we are proudly conducting Samhita Vachan with


Vd Anant Dharmadhikari Sir


Vd Dilip Gadgil Sir


And conducting following courses

Diploma in Ayurvediya Chikitsa Siddhanta (D.A.C.S.)

- Diploma in Garbha Sanskara (D.G.S.)

We also run our free activity of providing links to open to all events like

CME's of Ayurved Vyaspeeth

Free to all seminars



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