Research Methodology & Statistics Webinar Series for UG students May 2021

Research Methodology & Statistics Webinar Series for UG students




Increase your knowledge of Research Methodology & Statistics from eminent lecturers.

Key Features -

All topics of MUHS syllabus will be covered.

Research Methodology

1. Brief historical background of research in Ayurved and contemporary medical science

2. Etymology, definitions and synonyms (Anveshana, Gaveshana, Prayeshana, Anusandhan and Shodha) of the word Research

3. Research in Ayurved - Scope, need, importance, utility

4. Types of Research (familiarization of the terms)

5. Research process (Importance of each steps in brief)

6. Research tools – Role of the pramanas as research tools

7. The concept and importance of ethics in research

8. Concept of Evidence Based Medicine and Scientific Writing

9. Importance of IT in data mining and important research data portals concerned with Ayurved and contemporary medical science (DHARA , PubMed, Ayush Research Portal, Bioinformatics Center, Research Management Informatic System etc.)



1. Definition, scope and importance of the Medical statistics

2. Common statistical terms and notations a. Population

3. Collection and Presentation of data a. Tabular

4. Measures of location

5. Variability and its measurement

6. Introduction to probability and test of significance

7. Parametric and non parametric tests

8. Introduction to commonly used statistical soft-wares


Guest Speaker : 

Vd Amit Nakanekar, GAC Nagpur

Vd Shravani Kulkarni, ASS Nashik

Vd Deepak Vyas, GAC, Jalgaon.

Vd Sheetal Chavan(Yadav), ASS Nashik

Vd Vilobh Bharatiya, VAM Amravati



Duration of Lecture series - 15 Days 

Lecture days - Every Day 1 hr

Lecture time and Duration - 7.00 PM to 8.00 PM - 1 hrs approx

 Language - Marathi/Hindi/English

Important dates -

Last date of registration - 12 May 2021

Beginning of Web Series  - 15 May 2021


Platform Charges –  (For complete sessions and Recordings till January 2022)

 Rs 500/- + Applicable transaction fees (i.e. 5% for online payment)


Contact - 

Vd Girija Vilobh Bharatiya               - 8149160684

Recording of each live lecture will be available to students on Institutes website for limited period.

Subscription Charges: Rs.500.00
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