॥ गुरुवर्य वैद्य गाडगीळ ग्रंथ वाचन ॥


We Know the Kolhatkar Parampara in the Ayurved World very well.

Our  Mentor and renouned Ayrvedic Practitionar from PUNE the Holy city of knowledge

Vd Dilip Gadgil Sir

Conducted the Ashtang samgarha Vachan since 2011 and completed successfully.

Presently Sir is explaining "CHARAK SAMHITA with Chakrapani Teeka"




At 6.30 am to 7.30 am


Who can join -

ONLY - Vaidya, Ayurvedic practitionar,  BAMS student, Postgraduate Student of Ayurved.


These Lectures are currently running on our Ayurveda  e Library website - visit www.ayurvedaelibrary.com for more details and subscription.



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